My passion in marketing has started over 10 years ago. I have been studying multiple degrees about marketing but most importantly I have lived and breathed it for a decade. I started as a SEM trainee and have been lucky to experience and work with almost all kinds of positions in agency and customer side.

After a decade of working in awesome teams I gathered all my courage and decided to start something for myself. I wanted to be able to help all kinds of businesses to grow and also grow myself as a human and as a professional. I wanted to make sure I can truly focus of what I'm working with. My passion of marketing hasn't disappeared anywhere but instead it has took a strive and it's climbing like a rocket. 🚀

Marketing is a huge library with all kinds of books so I need to draw a small and tiny line of what I'm really passioned about. So here it is:

  • CONTENT | CONTENT | CONTENT if you need copywriting, content creator or ideas how to serve your customers better with it, I'm your girl! ✏️
  • Google. Both SEM and SEO has been my ultimate #1 interest forever. If you need consulting, sparring, help with optimisation, here I am! 👋🏼
  • Social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Youtube. Want to be present in these channels? Need a strategy how to success in this area? Ok, let's do it!
  • And all the other themes as well. 🤩 Let's talk and find the best solution!

I'm working in 🇬🇧 and 🇫🇮.