One of the hardest subject to write, live and breath. To understand why. The rainbow of feelings all the way from why I couldn't, am I somehow worse than others to is this a time to really think myself and find some inner peace. It's easier to take time yourself when it's your own decision. When the decision comes after fully thinking it through. But when the decision to take some time comes from your body which can't handle the pressure anymore it's a whole another thing. It's devastating, sad and hard in every way. In here it would be easy to write some instructions like: balance your life early enough, enjoy every day, take time of yourself, exercise and feel happy. Unfortunately life doesn't always follow the instructions.

2016. That year was at the same time the best year of my life (wedding 💜) and the worst I have ever experienced. All the ghosts from my past and the ultimate pressure from working life crushed me and I needed to step back. And it wasn't my decision. It was my body which decided that it can't handle this anymore. For me personally that time of my life was something I don't hope for anyone. BUT like in life generally also here was a small tiny silver line - I finally had time to ask myself, is this really worth it? Am I happy to spend most of awake time in work under a crushing pressure? Is it ok that I don't have time nor energy to workout, eat healthy and be the best wife for my husband? Doesn't our dogs deserve the best possible owner?

I was away from work life for three months, which sounds for me like forever. After that time I decided that I'm ready to get back on business and I have been healed the way that I can be again the best version of me. I get awesome job offer and I followed it. I was super happy that I was again part of a team, had some passion for what I did and was able to give my best for clients and company. Month on month I started to feel that somehow things are not right. The feeling of exhaustion raised slowly but surely and after about a year it happened again. I crushed at work. Next to my own desk. Like a lightning from the sky. In that very moment I decided that this cannot continue. I'm slowly destroying myself. Also at this time I got some help to figure this out from my friends and family. Thank you, you know who you are! ❤️

Life went on and I found a work place where I could use my full potential in marketing and was able to grow something I believe and where is the future. I was able to work with my ultimate passion (coffee ☕️) and at the same time feel the spirit of a young and driven team. I worked hard and pushed myself into my own limits, which I learned to set myself based my experiences earlier. I got some satisfaction from my work and learned a lot of new things and ways of marketing. But something was missing still. So I did the thing I didn't believe I ever have courage to do, I resigned and decided that now I start to do something for myself. Something where I can help others to succeed with their businesses and at the same time decide what I do and when. To be able to actually follow the instructions from first chapter of this post. Be a better person for myself and for my family and friends.

This is how the My Cup of Coffee born. And it's just a start.