Here we are. On a point where I’m going to start something new. Something just for myself, and at the same time everyone. This year will be full of me. Somebody might say that “how selfish is that?”, but I don’t quite see it that way. What I see is a real opportunity to do something I love and on a journey find myself over and over again. “So, it’s selfish?”. Well ok, it is, but only to the point someone else finds some value of it to their own life! Inspiration to also do what they love. Satisfaction of being able to express themselves in a way they haven’t done before. That’s it.

As a small background info about myself. I’m a nearly adult woman who has been working towards goals in the most time of my life. As a young me I was a bit rebel and didn’t quite care about my future and what it will bring. This time was in a upper elementary school. Time went by and pretty early age I was so lucky to found a love of my live. He’s my best friend and the person who’s supporting me no matter what. We have been walking hand in hand 14 years for now, and we are happily married and have two adorable dogs. Quite cheesy is it? But I allow that cheesiness in my life, it’s really important part of me and for who I have become.

Ok, back to the story. So after my rebel years when I thought the life is against me I suddenly found myself in a situation, where I actually liked what I was doing. This was surprise for me and also for my family. In that time I started to study marketing in a vocational school and found some peace in there. In marketing. Found a way to express myself and make a difference. After that very moment I lived and breathed marketing. In every way. I started to study it in University and found a working place as a trainee in media agency. I worked hard. Like literally! All the time I grew my ambition and I wanted to be better and better in it. It tasted good and I felt that I’m really making some difference. My clients liked me and my colleagues thought that I’m a great teammate. And I was! I love to be around people and bring people together.

After working almost 10 years in different positions and seeing the industry to change quite a lot I came to the point where I didn’t find the joy of marketing anymore. Not in the way I wanted to do it. In this moment I realised that to be able to enjoy your life you need to start to think of yourself. Think all the things you have done and what you have learn. Collect those experiences together and find a new way of making the difference. The way where you understand that making the difference is actually starting inside of you. Life is quite a journey and it doesn’t slow down. So the options is to bare in there or to do something about it. I chose the last one!

Here’s a super quick and straightforward description of my life. You can picture it in a way that this recap is a ready made cup of coffee which is actually formed by many unique coffee beans. This is My Cup of Coffee. And you are warmly welcome to have a sip.